Oshawa’s Haunted Houses

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?  We scoured the internet for tales of Oshawa’s deceased residents and found phantoms galore. So read on…if you dare!

Parkwood Estate:  In 2005, the Paranormal Seekers were given a behind-the-scenes tour of Sam McLaughlin’s historic home by Parkwood staff.  And lo, they discovered this mild-mannered property is a veritable hot bed of spiritual phenomena.  From video static (believed by some to be a sign of paranormal activity), to a male figure by the fireplace and billiard table (caught on tape, no less), mysterious door openings,  the ghostly shapes of two maids, and an unhappy poltergeist in the library reportedly caught on camera saying the word “chicken”, the ghost hunters also spotted a pair of red, glowing eyes.  Were the sightings real or imagined? Take a tour of Parkwood Estate, and decide for yourself.

Colonel R.S. McLaughlin Armory:   A downtown Oshawa landmark, the Ontario Regiment, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps moved their headquarters to Oshawa at the beginning of WWI. According to stories, a ghost walks the grounds outside and inside the building, but no further details were available.  Perhaps it’s a sign that there’s truth to the saying: old soldiers never die, they just fade away….

UOIT Regent Theatre:  According to several sources, the bland facade of UOIT Regent Theatre hides a dark secret – the angry spirit of a man named Murray who killed himself in the theatre in the 1970s. According to a ghost-hunting experiment in the building, Murray is not happy the living world is hanging around his theatre, and shows himself as a shadowy figure that walks around inside.

Oshawa Museum:  This trio of Lakeview Park homes has spooked a few staff members over the years with shadowy shapes, lights that turn on by themselves, and unexplained noises.  Even a young Girl Guide on a group tour sensed an unhappy entity trapped in the historic property.  But what about the multiple sightings of the bottom of a dark, full skirt quickly exiting a room?  Or the shadowy male figure seen escaping out a window?  The Museum homes are open daily – check them out.

Ghost Road Bush:  With a name like Ghost Road Bush, we’d be pretty disappointed if there weren’t a few creepy stories attached to this path in the McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve.  And indeed, the internet came through with tales of unexplained lights, strange fires, sightings of a strange man who disappears in the distance, and ghostly figures.

Adelaide House:  You only need to walk past this imposing mansion, now home of YWCA Durham, to assume there are likely a few spirits rattling around inside. A quick internet search later and a ghost hunting message board confirmed it: According to the internet, the ghost of a lady haunts the washroom of the largest room on the second floor, and plays a music box at night…  

But she’s not the only one.  The author of the post reported a “bad” entity that shows itself at night to children, but there were no further details or stories to back up the claim.  Are the spirits of Adelaide House real or fantasy? You decide….