Remembrance Day #RationChallenge2019

Do you have what it takes to recreate a vintage WWII era meal?

Join What’s On Oshawa and Parkwood Estate National Historic Site for a Remembrance Day challenge that will take you back to what life was like for millions of Canadian families during the days of food rationing in WWII.

Each week we’ll cook a vintage meal from the cookbook “Eating Well Though on the Ration”, and we’ll bring you along with us! From assembling the ingredients and preparation, to serving it to our family and hearing what our 2019 taste-testers had to say, we’ll share what it was like for a modern family to eat like it’s 1942.

When we post our results, we’ll challenge you to cook the same meal and share photos on social media using the hashtag #RationChallenge2019!

Watch for our first Challenge Meal on October 18 2019!