The Legacy of Westmount School

Do you remember the red brick school that once stood in the Oshawa Centre parking lot? Demolished in September 2018, it was built back in 1923 as Westmount School No. 10, to educate children in the rapidly expanding northern area of Oshawa.


(c) Oshawa Community Archives Collection

It’s hard to imagine today, but when the school opened in 1923, Westmount would have been surrounded by green:  The sturdy brick building boasted an expansive playground for the students, and a nearby hill (now covered by an empty Sears store and a parking lot), was the favourite place for the neighbourhood children to toboggan in winter.

As the area’s demographics changed, Westmount’s life as a public school ended when it closed in 1983, but it quickly reopened the next year as an adult education centre.   But while the area has considerably changed – the sprawling Oshawa Centre would have been inconceivable back in 1923 – for the rest of it’s life the school looked frozen in time.  The signs for separate boys and girls entrances remained unaltered, the name Westmount still clearly visible in carved brick, and until the Durham Alternative Secondary School closed in 2017, students still came and went. But at the end of September 2018 Westmount was demolished, ending nearly 100 years of educating Oshawa.

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