The Esports Gaming Arena at Durham College

A lot has changed at Durham College in the last 20 years! From a handful of utilitarian buildings flanked by fields in the late 1980s, to today’s bustling campus with sprawling modern buildings, student residences, and sporting facilities, all part of the massive expansion with Ontario Tech University. Since it’s the beginning of September, we’re going back to school and taking a look at one of DC’s innovative new spaces: the Esports Gaming Arena.

The Esports Gaming Arena opened at Durham College in April 2018, and is 3000 square feet of tech, home to 46 gaming computers, and a lounge that can hold 120 spectators.

It’s a multipurpose space, serving as the training area for Durham College Lords Esports varsity team, a tournament area, plus it offers experiential learning opportunities for selected DC full-time programs, and lastly, a space where students, staff, and alumni can rent consoles for recreational gaming with friends. Rental of one gaming station will put you back $3.75 plus tax, or $10 for 3 hours. The Esports Arena can also be rented for birthday parties, corporate events, or esport tournaments.

The DC Lords Esports varsity team is made up of over 40 athletes that are full-time Durham College students, who compete in eight games on the provincial, national and international e-gaming stages. Like all varsity athletes, they must try out for the team, and commit to practising their skills.

Interested in being a spectator at an upcoming tournament? Keep an eye on the Durham Lords website. For more information about the Esports Gaming arena, click here.