What Did Oshawa Look Like 100 Years Ago?

What was life like in Oshawa 100 years ago? Explore the city’s gracious past though these photos from the Thomas Bouckley Collection at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

tbc 0464 JD Storie residence

You may have lived in a home like this, which still stands at the corner of Bagot and Centre Streets, across from the McLaughlin Branch of the Oshawa Public Library.

tbc 0487 LK Murton Library 1912 125 King st e

If you were wealthy, you would have enjoyed quiet moments in your own private library, like this one that was located at 152 King Street East.  

tbc 0687 Staff of Mclaughlin Motor car co 1909

These were your office buddies… 

tbc 0846 R Dillon and Son Co 1890

Or maybe your workplace looked more like this…

tbc 1090 tennis club at Prospect Park

In your spare time, you belonged to the tennis club at Prospect Park, where Parkwood Estate is now located.

tbc 1071 Oshawa Yaught Club

You enjoyed leisurely summer afternoons at the Oshawa Yacht Club.   

If you were a young lady, you may have attended this school in the area now known as College Hill.

Or this school, called Bishop Bethune College, located where the Durham Alternative Secondary School now stands. 

If you lived in a new house in the fast-growing “North” Oshawa area, you likely attended Oshawa High School on Simcoe Street.

If you were an orphan, you likely lived in the childrens’ shelter. A new shelter was built soon after this photo was taken, and still stands today. (photo courtesy of the Oshawa Public Library).

For more historic photos of Oshawa, check out the Thomas Bouckley Collection online on the Robert McLaughlin Gallery website, and the Oshawa Museum Blog