Dos and Don’ts of Picnicking at Lakeview Park


Do you know the rules at Lakeview Park? Find out what’s new before packing your picnic:

Oshawa’s Lakeview Park is a gem!  The sandy beach, the childrens’ playground, the lakeside walking path and the shady trees make it the perfect place for a day-long family picnic.  But there are new rules about using the park that many may not be aware of.  To help, we’ve put together dos and don’ts of picnicking at Lakeview Park.

Do:  Get a Permit

If your group is under 20, you’re free to set up and enjoy your day at the park! But larger groups need a permit from the City of Oshawa’s Facility Booking Office before laying down the tablecloths and handing out the sandwiches. More than 20 people at your picnic means a permit application must be filled out, reviewed and approved by City staff, and requires 3 to 5 days processing time.  Payment is required immediately upon approval, and the permit must be brought to the park on the day of your picnic.

Do:  Have Insurance

Now, the permit fee ranges from $30 to $800, depending on how many people are in attendance and which part of the park you’re using.  But you also need insurance, in the form of $2 million general liability.  If you don’t have access to $2 million of liability insurance, the City offers a community insurance program for a nominal fee, and the Facility Bookings Office can provide the details.

Don’t:  Fire up the grill

Cook your food before heading to Lakeview Park, because charcoal and propane (or any kind of cooking) is prohibited.  Of course, you can bring your own cooked food, so pack up the coolers!

Don’t:  Put up unauthorized signs

If you’re rented the Gazebo or Picnic Shelter for grandma’s 80th birthday, leave the staple gun and duct tape at home (string and masking tape are okay.)  All signage must be given the green light by the Facility Booking Office prior to your picnic, as does music or any system that amplifies sound.

Don’t:  Pretend you’re camping

What do you think this is, a KOA?  No enclosed shelters, tents or structures are allowed, unless they’re 12 x 12 sun shelters where the interior is open to view.

Did you know about the rules for picnicking in Lakeview Park?  Let us know in the comments!

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