Maddie & Kiki Review: Butchie’s


When Maddie & Kiki found out that Whitby was losing the outdated restaurant that had been the long-time resident of 939 Dundas Street West, they quickly had to find out what would take its place. Discovering that it was a restaurant focused on smoked meats and southern sides, owned by a gal who rocks the grill, they knew they had to get there fast, so they headed to Butchies

What we ordered: We decided to do the meat + 3 option, which means you get a choice of meat and three sides. They also have meat + 1 and 2 options, but you guys know our hearty appetites would not be satisfied with only two sides. (Note to Restaurants: please, PLEASE never let us walk away from the table hangry, trust us, it’s not a good scene!)

We came for the smoked meats, and knew we were ordering the smoked pork shoulder ever since we had mentally placed our order four days earlier as we drooled over the online menu. We were both set on ordering the smoked pork until we noticed the menu featured one of our kryptonite dishes – country fried steak. When we see country fried steak on the menu, we literally cannot not order it. Country fried steak is not something to ever ponder over. If you see it on a menu, you get it. End of story.

So we ordered the pork as well as the country fried steak. To our delight, the person taking our order asked if we would like the pork on a brioche bun, and obviously we went with it. Who says no to a brioche bun?!

We also ordered the hush puppies, hand cut fries, cauliflower cheddar casserole, Baba’s cucumber salad, and braised red cabbage. Yep, six side dishes of housemade glory!

Taste:  The smoked pork: Okay, first things first, Butchie’s, you guys make a pork shoulder that is so tasty, a pig would be happy to know that it’s shoulder had gone on to do magnificent things. The smokiness was just utterly lovely, not too pronounced but definitely humming with that typical rugged flavor. The texture was tender, but barbecue tender. Not like you threw the meat into a crock pot and steamed it until it became pork slop. Second thing, don’t get our hopes up for a brioche bun and then serve us a standard kaiser! It was a dreadful letdown, but probably just a little slip up from one of the new staff members. The line was almost out the door when our order was being taken, so, as much as we were gearing up for smoked pork atop a brioche bun, we totally understand opening month mishaps!

The Country Fried Steak: For people who have not tried a country fried steak, it is like the southern American cousin of the Italian veal cutlet. Breaded beef, fried, and topped with a white gravy. Butchie’s, your country fried steak coating was crispy deliciousness. It was freshly fried and helped to create the fragrant smell of oil that wafted around the restaurant (we actually LOVE leaving a restaurant with our hair smelling of the fryer, anyone else?! Are we weird?!). The thickness of the beef was perfect, thin and not too thick, and its texture was chewy yet tender. Our only issue lies with what was laying on top of the country fried steak. The famous white gravy that is known to drench country fried steaks far and wide, was made a little too gloopy at Butchie’s. It tasted bland and didn’t have the best mouth feel.

The Sides: They were all housemade, and flavourful! The standout side dish was surprisingly the cucumber salad! We know, we’re shocked it wasn’t one of the deep fried sides as well! The cucumber salad was tossed in a fresh creamy dill dressing that was seasoned perfectly and complimented the richness of the meats very well. The runner up to our favourite side dish were the hush puppies. They were the perfect sized balls, lots of delicious surface area and very light and fluffy.

Price: We are still shocked over the price! The meat + 3 option is only $16! Everything is made from scratch and with care, so we don’t know how they are getting away with such fabulous prices!

Would We Return:  Definitely! The food and atmosphere are both great. Whitby is lucky to have Butchie’s as part of their expanding culinary repertoire. We especially love the idea behind the restaurant. The owner named it after her father who encouraged her to follow her dreams. As daddy’s girls ourselves, it brings a joyful tear to our eyes knowing that Andrea is living out her dreams with inspiration from her dad. Well done, Butchie’s we’ll be back!

Butchie’s is located at 939 Dundas Street West, Whitby.

About the Authors

Maddie and Kiki Longo, best friends since 1988, have been food enthusiasts from the time they were tall enough to reach the kitchen countertop to begin mixing and experimenting with delectable ingredients of all kinds.

The two sisters grew up in an Italian household, appreciating all kinds of cuisine and learning that the most important things in life are family and good food. Although the sisters no longer live under the same roof and are separated by a thirty minute car ride, they still spend 90% of their time together. They both work for the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, they write and produce their hit television show Maddie & Kiki: The Foraging Sisters, they are proud to be ambassadors of Durham Region and are involved in a number of community events. When the sisters aren’t foraging or cooking, you can catch Maddie ‘loving on’ her cat, Little Ricky, and Kiki working on her farm in Kendal. Check out their website Maddie & Kiki Restaurant Reviews for more.

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