Review: Barnaby’s Deli Restaurant

Contributor ‘Shwa Girl ditched eating clean and headed east to the Oshawa/Courtice border for a fix of corned beef hash.  Here’s what she found at Barnaby’s Deli Restaurant:

Holy Helen! It’s been a while since I did a review! DID YOU MISS ME? I’m sure all of you were having severe withdrawals from my lack of witty and charming blathering. Between getting my gorgeous little boy back into some sort of school routine and following that fabulous disaster of a Republican presidential candidate, I haven’t had much time to eat, never mind writing about it.  I was going to write about my exciting evening attending Club Loreley’s annual Oktoberfest, but I only remember bits and pieces of it, to tell you the truth. I certainly can’t drink like I used to.

shwa-g-1I DO remember wondering why all German Polka bands do a cover of that song “Una Paloma Blanca”. And I remember serenading my table with what I thought was a brilliant rendition of Edelweiss.  Oh, and I think I almost won a beer relay race but my race partner choked on the last leg and we came in last.

I can almost assure you that the food at the Oshawa German Club was fantastic, because it always is. Ein Prosit!

But this actual review isn’t about beer or pretzels or lederhosen, it’s about CORNED BEEF HASH. I’ve been noticing as I get older and older that the options for corned beef hash are becoming far and few between. Like buying ashtrays. The only place you can buy ashtrays anymore is Value Village. Or a garage sale. What are smokers supposed to do? Just quit smoking because there aren’t any ashtrays?

Anyway, ever since my mom’s untimely death almost a year ago, I’ve been meeting my mom’s BFF for breakfast every once in a while to check in and get some motherly love and good advice. My parents and The Rebots (Sharon and Walt) had been friends for as long as I can remember. They used to do everything together. Steph, The Rebots’ youngest daughter, and I used to joke that my Dad and Walt were even starting to morph into each other. It was true. They both had the same beer-loving physique and larger-than-life personalities. I still get a little freaked out if I see Walt out of the corner of my eye because for a split second, I think it’s my late Dad.

Sharon and I decided to meet at Barnaby’s on King St. just after I had dropped my handsome little devil off at school. I was thrilled about this, because I knew that they serve corned beef hash. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as my research has led me to believe, this is the ONLY restaurant in the Durham Region that serves corned beef hash anymore.

I was also thrilled because directly beside Barnaby’s is a magical hardware store. I’m totally serious. The proprietor is a man of East Indian descent and he makes you feel like a million bucks. If you ever need ANYTHING (yes, they sell EVERYTHING) and you happen to be sad or upset about something, go into that store. Not only will he have whatever it is that you’re looking for, he’ll magically transform you into the happiest person in the universe. You’ll leave that store feeling like a warm fire is burning in your soul. Don’t laugh, I’m serious. Try it.

Mrs. Rebot opted for the Special, while I threw my new diet to the wind and ordered the corned beef hash with shwa-g-3scrambled eggs and white toast. And another coffee. I love coffee. It’s the best.

We talked about American Politics for the entire time that it took them to cook our breakfasts. Love The Donald or hate The Donald, he has provided hours and hours of enjoyment for me. I think he’s hilarious. Even though I pretended to be disgusted at the way he ripped on poor Cruz and Rubio, I secretly re-watched the GOP debates in pure glee as he threw out one insult after the other. How could the Grand Ol’ Party sit back and allow this mockery to take place?? HILARIOUS. I’m an enormous fan of reality television and I’ve always been a fan of what a pure ASSHOLE Donald Trump was on the tube. He’s a GREAT reality tv star. He ain’t no president, though. I’m with HER. She’ll win.

Speaking of winning, you should have seen the glorious plate of corned beef hash that was layed down before me!!! It was beautiful. No canned corned beef here! Giant, fresh chunks of just-cooked corned beef mixed with hash browns and onions surrounded my scrambled eggs. And an orange slice! It was as delicious as it looked. A good deal for $9.75!

shwa-g-4Mrs. Rebot’s Special looked pretty awesome, too. For $9.99, she got 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, ham, homefries and an English muffin. She said it tasted great.  We finished all of it. Yes, all of it, and stayed for another few cups of coffee while we got caught up with each other’s lives. We didn’t get kicked out for loitering, either.

I’m a big fan of Barnaby’s. My little family and I have been there for dinner a few times, too, and we’ve loved it. Fast, hot and tasty.

I said good-bye to Mrs. Rebot and went into the magical hardware store to buy some wasp-traps. The owner was there and told me that my son is going to be Prime Minister one day. I left feeling happy.

Barnaby’s is located at 1405 Highway 2, Courtice. 


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13934703_10210251466513482_8694307862135733717_nLasha Laskowsky-Reed (‘Shwa Girl), was born and raised in Oshawa. She is a former College Professor, Television Producer and Lead Singer of a punk rock band. Lasha is currently working at being a good housewife and mother as well as finishing her first crime novel, Hammered Heart.  Find her online at

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