Want to Live Your Dreams? You Need a Coach!

IMG_5937 (2)Hadriana Leo is the kind of coach that wants to get you into shape.

But she’s not talking about being “summer ready”.  While personal trainers perfect their client’s physique, Hadriana Leo is a Women’s Personal Finance Coach and Certified Cash Flow Specialist, and she’s committed to helping women make their money work better.

Women’s finance is a topic Hadriana is passionate about.  And, as founder of Crescendo Financial, she wants to coach women on how to get their finances under control, so they can start living their short and long-term money-funded dreams.

But why does Hadriana care so much about women and how they manage money?  During her career in the insurance and securities industries, she was alarmed at the lack of financial education for women, and felt that women were regularly under-served and underestimated.

So, in 2015, Hadriana decided to leave her nine to five job and started Crescendo Financial, with the intent to provide logical, tested and proven financial advice for women.  Crescendo Financial offers one-on-one financial counselling, but Hadriana has also developed Money Mavens, an intensive, six-week long, money-mastery course for women, offered both online and in-class.

Money Mavens delves into potentially life-changing personal finance topics like: Examining pre-existing ideas about money (and how to change them); determining your money personality; how to realize your money-funded dreams; and how to take a cold, hard look at your current financial situation.  Plus, at the conclusion of the course, each participant in Money Mavens receives a confidential, customized cash-flow plan designed to help realize one specific money-funded dream in 12 – 18 months.

So where should women start when it comes to changing their relationship with money, especially if it feels like when cash comes in, it goes right back out the door?  Hadriana suggests considering these points:

  1. Prioritization: What’s most important for you to spend money on? Do your current finances reflect those priorities?
  2. Intention: Why are the priorities you identified important? For example, you want to be able to take a month off each year. Why? Is it so you can catch up on your sleep or because you want to take a holiday? Same goal, but different efforts needed to achieve it.
  3. Repetition: Practice positive financial habits, and limit the ones that don’t move you closer to your priorities and money-funded goals.
  4. Quantification: What gets measured gets done, so set realistic, short term targets that can be quantified.
  5. Relaxation: Changing your financial situation takes time, and panic leads to mistakes, tunnel vision and unnecessary risks. Your journey won’t be completed overnight, but it will lead you to a new, secure future.
  6. Finally, reward yourself! After all, mastering money is about having money work for you.

Money mavensAre you ready to start your financial journey?  Beginning May 5, 2016, Crescendo Financial is offering Money Mavens online, an intensive 6- week money-mastery course to guide and equip women for the journey to living exceptional, purposeful, plentiful lives. Money Mavens guarantees financial breakthroughs in the application of the concepts taught and experienced. 

For more information, visit Crescendo Financial, email info@crescendofinancial.com or call (416) 856-5931.

[This post has been sponsored by Crescendo Financial]

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