Maddie & Kiki Review: Beeno’s Pizza

You don’t need to leave your house to eat a restaurant meal!  In their latest review, Maddie & Kiki let Beeno’s Pizza come to them.  Here’s what they thought:

We think everyone has probably experienced those ridiculously busy weeks when, by Friday night, the only energy you have left is reserved to pull on a pair of your oldest/comfiest/rattiest pyjama pants, settle onto the couch to binge Beenos1 watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad, and dial up your favourite delivery restaurant to order a Friday night couch picnic. We don’t know about you guys, but this type of Friday night is vastly different than the Friday nights of our youth. These days, by 10:00 pm we are already experiencing our second cycle of REM sleep whereas, in our early 20s, we’d just be plastering on our second layer of mascara and lipstick, prepping to get in line at our favourite country bar – Tequila Willies (RIP Tequila Willies, thanks for the memories!). Oh, how times change!

When we choose to opt for delivery food, it always seems to make the evening that much more special. There’s just something so luxurious about having a wonderful stranger deliver a meal right to your door, so we decided to finally try Beeno’s Pizza since it had been highly recommended to us by a good friend of ours (Thanks, Nat!).

Taste: Upon checking out the Beeno’s Pizza menu online, we knew it would be difficult to settle on a final order, asbeenos2 the menu features so many tantalizing dishes. After one of our typical sisterly disagreements that escalated to a full-on foodie fight, we eventually calmed down, made up, and settled on a medium Beeno’s Special pizza, hot wings, and mushroom caps. The food arrived within 30 minutes, which we were really impressed with and was delivered by a friendly woman who apologized that the mushroom cap container seemed to be leaking. We were not at all upset by this, because the fact that it was leaking meant that the mushrooms were probably floating around in a hot tub of juicy garlicky goodness. How could anyone be upset by that! We quickly piled our paper plates high with food (paper plates are MANDATORY on a lazy Friday night in) and dove into each of the orders.

The mushrooms caps were in fact swimming in deliciousness and nestled under a thick gooey layer of melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese. We had to refrain from pouring the liquid into a glass and drinking it with a straw. How has a buttery garlic beverage not been created yet?!

beenos3The wings had that typical mouth-watering hot wing smell to them – spicy, tangy, and buttery. They tasted as good as they smelled and were big and meaty. Who needs lipstick on a Friday night when you can wear delicious hot wing sauce!

The pizza was in the unique pizza style where the toppings are buried UNDER the cheese, as opposed to on top. For some reason, this greatly affects the taste of the pizza in the best way possible and we just adore it! We don’t know where they get their mozzarella cheese from but it has the most prominent mozzarella flavour. It was so good that we are embarrassed to say that there were no leftovers available for Saturday morning breakfast.

Price: The pizza – $15.75, Hot wings – $8.50, Mushroom Caps – $5.50. All of this to say that, you can’t put a price on Friday night laziness – it was totally worth each and every penny!

Would we return?: We will definitely be ordering from Beeno’s Pizza again. The next time you are in the mood to pull on some comfy old rags, take off all your make-up, and apply a face mask for oily skin, call up Beeno’s Pizza to get a tasty feast delivered right to your door, they won’t judge you for looking like a house troll. Trust us!

Rating:  7.5/10

Location:  100 Nonquon Rd., # 2, Oshawa (905)-448-0664

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Maddie and Kiki Longo, best friends since 1988, have been food enthusiasts from the time they were tall enough to reach the kitchen countertop to begin mixing and experimenting with delectable ingredients of all kinds.

The two sisters grew up in an Italian household, appreciating all kinds of cuisine and learning that the most important things in life are family and good food. Although the sisters no longer live under the same roof and are separated by a thirty minute car ride, they still spend 90% of their time together. They both work for the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, they write and produce their hit television show Maddie & Kiki: The Foraging Sisters, they are proud to be ambassadors of Durham Region and are involved in a number of community events. When the sisters aren’t foraging or cooking, you can catch Maddie ‘loving on’ her cat, Little Ricky, and Kiki working on her farm in Kendal. Check out their website Maddie & Kiki Restaurant Reviews for more.


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