Maddie & Kiki Review: Beryl’s Pepper Pot

600388_1019806208094905_5777601560793308677_nContributors Maddie & Kiki continued our culinary exploration of Downtown Oshawa, and headed to Beryl’s Pepper Pot!  Check out their latest review:

Although we are white Italian girls from Oshawa, we both pride ourselves on our ability to prepare damn good Jamaican food. We have spent years finessing our jerk chicken marinade, perfecting our curry pork recipes, and have finally settled on the correct method of adding just the right amount of heat to a batch of rice and peas – turns out, adding three entire scotch bonnet peppers (seeds included!!!) makes you want to pour an entire jug of milk onto your mouth/face “Flashdance” style. One whole pepper which floats delicately among the ingredients while remaining unburst seems to be just the right amount. Trust us!

When we’re in the mood for good Jamaican food but not in the mood to flutter around our own kitchens, we always head to Oshawa’s best Jamaican restaurant – Beryl’s Pepper Pot.

Taste: We both ordered the chicken roti and coconut water. For any of our readers who haven’t yet tried roti (what are you waiting for?!), it is the West Indies’ answer to the wrap. Unlike a typical wrap, it does not leave you feeling pleased with yourself that you’ve made a light and healthy meal choice. Roti is not the healthiest of options, as it is usually carbs on carbs on protein, but it is definitely well worth having to take the stairs at work the next day!

The roti is wrapped in wax paper and served in a Styrofoam container. It is so big that the container can barely be kept closed! Something that pleases us greatly when we order roti. We’ve been to other local roti restaurants where the roti is flat and looks like an old, wrinkly blanket covering scraggly bony legs. Okay, so that sounds really disgusting, but it’s true! We hate when food looks like it has been sitting in a steam table for the last 16 hours.

When we unwrapped the roti from the wax paper, we saw that it was fresh, plump, and bursting with the delicious curry filling. In fact, it looked so crammed and jammed with filling, we knew we’d have to fork-and-knife it instead of picking it up, wrap-style. Roti is traditionally known as a street food since it is made to be easily eaten on the go, but what we love about Beryl’s roti is that it really forces you to sit down and appreciate it for all of its wonderful magnificence. When you cut into it, you realize why it isn’t served with fries or any other side dishes. It is packed with loads of chicken, potatoes, and thick saucy curry goodness. The flavours are so rich and delicious, you end up eating it way quicker than you probably should. The heat is definitely at the higher end of medium, with the scotch bonnet flavours bursting through. If you want to add more heat like we did, they have hot sauce to add to those intermittent bites where you want a little more zingy mouth action!

Atmosphere: The restaurant is set up for take out as well as dine-in, but the majority of the customers order take out. The restaurant is clean and decorated in a neutrally pleasing color scheme. In the summer, they roll up the front of the restaurant’s doors to expose a little patio area. Such a nice addition to our beloved Oshawa’s downtown core.

Price: $12 for one of the best rotis in the GTA plus a drink, it doesn’t get better than that!

Would We Return? We have returned many times after our first visit to Beryl’s two years ago. Not only is the food utterly and ridiculously incredible, we are always greeted with a smile, especially when one of the owners, Teddy, is working! We will be back in the summer to dine on the patio at lunch time and sip refreshing coconut water, all while pretending we’re on a Jamaican beach and not an hour away from hustling back to our office.

Rating:  8.5/10

Beryl’s Pepper Pot is located at 14 King Street West in Oshawa.

11427923_864045713670956_3445622935967094228_oMaddie and Kiki Longo, best friends since 1988, have been food enthusiasts from the time they were tall enough to reach the kitchen countertop to begin mixing and experimenting with delectable ingredients of all kinds.

The two sisters grew up in an Italian household, appreciating all kinds of cuisine and learning that the most important things in life are family and good food. Although the sisters no longer live under the same roof and are separated by a thirty minute car ride, they still spend 90% of their time together. They both work for the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, they write and produce their hit television show Maddie & Kiki: The Foraging Sisters, they are proud to be ambassadors of Durham Region and are involved in a number of community events. When the sisters aren’t foraging or cooking, you can catch Maddie ‘loving on’ her cat, Little Ricky, and Kiki working on her farm in Kendal. Check out their website Maddie & Kiki Restaurant Reviews for more.

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