Review: Tim Hortons Sugar Cookie Collection

Inspired by a holiday favourite, Tim Hortons unveiled three Sugar Cookie Collection treats for Christmas.  So we got the insulin ready, and tried them all:

IMG_2807 (3)Sugar Cookie White Hot Chocolate

First, props to Tim Hortons for thinking outside of the traditional red and green colour scheme for their festive treats by embracing the frosty combination of blue and white. Unfortunately, this sickly sweet, sugar cookie flavoured hot chocolate tastes like regular hot chocolate – plus a half bag of sugar.  Not sure where the promised cookie flavour went, but we suspect the product developers decided to mask its absence by loading up on sweet. Don’t let the fact that it comes in a cup fool you, this isn’t a drink: It’s a liquid dessert with whipped cream and Elsa-blue sugar sprinkles on top.

Verdict:  As they sang in Frozen – let it go.


IMG_2811Sugar Cookie filled with Frosting

Tim Hortons seems unusually dedicated this year to putting the “sugar” in “sugar cookie”, and has upped the sweet quotient in their festive Sugar Cookie by filling it with vanilla icing.  But despite the fact that the cookie is misshapen and looks like it was decorated by a toddler, the taste isn’t bad. The cookie itself is moist and the dough has a nice vanilla hit, and would be half-decent consumed along side a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Verdict:  Proceed with caution.



IMG_2812Sugar Cookie Donut

At first glance, the topping on this bizarre donut concoction looks unnervingly like toasted pine nuts, and it takes us a minute to realize that the light brown lumps stuck into the pasty vanilla icing are actually crumbed cookie.  Undoubtedly, the Sugar Cookie Donut looks terrible.  So I recruited a group of testers who I know to be 1. sugar enthusiasts and 2. not afraid of a dodgy looking donut:  my children.  But when three kids can’t finish a single donut, you know there’s something amiss.  My son spoke for everyone when he described the flavour as “diabetic”.  Incredibly, this frosting-filled donut was too saccharine for this lot, and that’s saying something.

Verdict:  The Christmas turkey of festive treats

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