10 Signs you Grew Up in Oshawa

(c) Windsor Star

(c) Windsor Star

Whether you’re still here, or you moved away, here are 10 signs you grew up in Oshawa:

  1. Your birthday is exactly nine months after GM’s annual shutdown.
  2. You were a newspaper carrier for The Oshawa Times.
  3. You have a black Knob Hill Farms shopping basket that’s now used for laundry.
  4. On special occasions, your family headed to the Magic Car restaurant.
  5. You spent summers swimming in the original Camp Samac pool, when Camp Samac was actually in the middle of the woods.
  6. You remember when the Oshawa Centre had a movie theatre that was really, really busy (really!). For bonus points, you remember when there were four movie theatres in downtown Oshawa.
  7. When a Saturday night on the town meant partying at the Purple Onion.
  8. Fiesta Week was something you looked forward to, especially the American pavilion at the North Oshawa Arena.
  9. You shopped at the Oshawa Centre when it had a Bo Peep Restaurant.
  10. You stole your dad’s beer at least once, and took it to a bush party.

What did we miss?  Share your Oshawa memories in the comments! 


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