Maddie & Kiki Review: Three-Six Kitchen & Lounge

three-six restaurant and loungeWhere did our intrepid food enthusiasts Maddie & Kiki find themselves this week?  They headed to Bowmanville’s Three-Six Kitchen & Lounge for perfect fries, local ingredients and a kangaroo burger:

Taste: We ordered the grilled chicken sandwich which came with hand cut fries and house made mayo for dipping (we’ll get to the mayo a little later, but goodness gracious would we ever like to swim in a gigantic vat of it!!).

The sandwich was made with a gluten-free honey and oat bread which was sliced not too thinly and not too thickly. The bread added a subtle sweetness to the savoury sandwich and was made IN house (Huge props to you, Three-Six Kitchen & Lounge!!). It was our first experience with gluten-free bread (we do NOT buy into this gluten-free craze!) and we found it to be a tad on the crumbly side, but it matched perfectly with the chicken and sandwich accoutrements.

The chicken to bread ratio was on point! We absolutely cannot stand when restaurants just grill up an entire unevenly-shaped chicken breast and throw it on top of sliced bread. The thinner end always ends up charred and dry as a piece of jerky and the thicker end makes it so that you’re getting gigantic mouthfuls of plain chicken with sogged down bread. The chicken used in a chicken sandwich should ALWAYS be sliced to an even thickness, pounded slightly with a meat mallet, and properly seasoned.

Thank you, Three-Six Kitchen & Lounge for knowing this basic sandwich law. The sandwich was topped with all locally sourced products. We want to scream our appreciation for this from the rooftop of Link Greenhouses in Bowmanville! We swear, the tomatoes actually tasted like Durham Region!

We also ordered one of the daily specials, a kangaroo burger which also came with hand cut fries. First of all, we’re willing to put money on the fact that we think Three-Six Kitchen & Lounge is the first restaurant in Bowmanville to ever list a kangaroo burger on their menu. We had never tried kangaroo before, so we didn’t even think twice about ordering this burger….and honestly, we rarely think twice about ordering ANY type of burger!

The kangaroo had been coarsely ground and made into a thick patty without any filler, which we appreciated so that we could really experience the flavour of the meat. Biting into the burger, we noticed that it had been perfectly grilled. It was juicing all over the place, the way every good burger should! The meat did not taste beefy, chickeny, porky, or lamby. We couldn’t quite nail the flavour, until almost our last bite. To us, it tasted like liver, but the texture was all ground beef.

It was a unique combination of flavours and textures, and we’re happy we tried it, but we probably wouldn’t order kangaroo again.  As culinary thrill seekers, we’re always up for trying everything and anything!

Now for the fries. Oh the crisp, skin-on, perfectly seasoned fries. Oh how we adore you! These fries are foodie fries. Not greasy, fast food, stuff-a-handful-in-your-mouth fries (which, for the record, we appreciate just as much). These fries are fries that you slowly pick up one at a time and savour each crisp bite. They are perfect in every single way, so much so that they demand the extremely rare French fry label known as “Stand Alone.”

By definition, Stand Alone fries do not require the dipping of ketchup. Stand Alone fries are hardly ever encountered, so we found ourselves extremely conflicted and facing the ultimate foodie dilemma when we noticed that they were served alongside a house…made…mayo…!!! The mayo was not just any mayo, but the BEST mayo we have ever had! It was velvety, creamy, and whacked you in the tongue with a slight tang. Soooo good! We finally succumbed to the mayo and dipped the Stand Alone fries, which felt oh so wrong as well as oh so right!

Presentation: Everything was presented with uncomplicated style, which we loved. The fries were served in a mini deep fryer basket, which we both agreed could have come in handy for us during our childhood years of playing restaurant. Doesn’t every little girl pretend to deep fry as a child?

Portion Size: The portion size was not excessive, which made us appreciate and savour every last bite. If you’re like us, and do NOT like to share food, pick your dinner guest wisely or you could end up rethinking your entire relationship if a few fries go missing off your plate.

Overall Vibe: The vibe of the restaurant is chic, modern, and stylish. One of the owners actually created some of the artistic pieces found on the walls of the restaurant. How impressive is that?! The color scheme is also near and dear to our hearts, as their signature teal color is one of our ultimate favs!

Price: For such thoughtfully prepared menu items, you’d think that the menu would be priced ridiculously high. However, Three-Six Kitchen & Lounge’s menu is modestly priced which means you should probably make reservations to check it out on your next date night.

Music: The speakers were playing tunes that complimented the vibe of the restaurant at a volume that did not annoy us. Surprisingly, music volume can really negatively affect a diner’s experience. Too loud means we leave with sore throats from yelling over the music, and too quiet means the couple on the other side of the restaurant can fully hear our conversation about leg waxing.

Speed of food Arrival: We sipped on a delicious glass of Archibald’s sparkling raspberry wine while we waited for our meals, which did not take long at all.

Customer Service: Our server was friendly, welcoming, and actually hilariously funny! She really enhanced our already amazing dining experience. We also spoke with the owner and the head chef, who were both tremendously hospitable and kind. It’s clear that Three-Six Kitchen & Lounge places emphasis on providing attentive customer service to all of their guests.

Worth Returning: Since they are always changing their menus, we will just have to visit again, and again, and again….

Location:  36 King Street East, Bowmanville

Rating:  8.5/10

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