Maddie & Kiki Review Lakeview Burger

IMG_1512 (1)Get ready for this review of Lakeview Burger, you guys! This is EPIC food!

Taste:  We ordered the mac and cheese burger and the grilled cheese burger…you may want to wipe your lip, we know you’re drooling already! We also ordered the deep fried poutine. Yes, you read that correctly. DEEP. FRIED. POUTINE. The menu brought a joyous tear to our eyes. Plus, they also serve milkshakes, so we ordered raspberry ripple and blueberry cheesecake. Who needs to hydrate when there are milkshakes on the menu?!

Let us begin with the burgers.  The grilled cheese burger was so good that it makes you wonder why the burger bun was even invented at all. The burger was nestled between two grilled cheese sandwiches that are made the way your mom used to make them. With the junkiest, most unhealthy white bread, processed cheese, and butter. Grilled cheese perfection!! We haven’t eaten a slice of white bread since 1994 but we totally appreciated it with this burger. It was cooked to a toasty light brown and not greasy at all. The burger patty itself was juicy, nicely charred, and seasoned with lots of garlic. There are a decent selection of toppings to choose from, which we found substantial. We think some burger places get too carried away with the crazy toppings (to all you burger joint owners out there, if your burger topping options include strawberry jam, you’re trying way too hard!). We chose hot peppers, mustard, mayo, lettuce, and onions for this burger, as well as the house sauce called Lakeview Sauce, which, to our surprise, tasted exactly like big mac sauce. The burger was absolutely delicious and we ate it embarrassingly quick.

The mac and cheese burger was next level. When we ordered it, we figured the mac and cheese would be slopped on top of the burger to ooze all over the place. We were not ready for the ingenious creation that we were about to consume, and are still not entirely sure how they did it. Upon lifting the bun and taking a closer look, we saw that the mac and cheese actually resembled old school fish sticks in shape and size. We picked one up and bit into it without the disruption of all the other flavours on the burger and noticed that it was a deep fried mac and cheese patty! Insert slow clap sound effect. We can only guess, but we think they cooked up a vat of mac and cheese, let it cool and congeal, and then cut it up, cookie-cutter style. It appeared and tasted to also be battered in an onion-ring-ish batter and deep fried. To say it blew our minds is an absolute understatement (Lakeview Burger, if you’re reading this we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your burger innovation, you are our heros!). The toppings that we chose for this burger do not even matter. Deep fried mac and cheese patties were on it and we had to refrain from doing the ugly cry while eating it in the restaurant. If a burger evokes that kind of emotion, who cares what you top it with?!

Now for the deep fried poutine. For us, the deep fried poutine was a thing of glory. Fresh cut fries, salty gravy, and squeaky cheese curds were bundled into a tortilla and dropped into the deep fryer. Cutting into a tortilla bundle of poutine was down right exciting. It tasted delicious and is definitely worth trying!

Presentation: The packaging is typical burger joint packaging, which works for us!

Portion Size: The words gluten-free, low-carb, or dairy-free will never be uttered in this restaurant. If you’re on a diet, don’t even breathe the air!

Overall Vibe: The vibe of the restaurant doesn’t suit the food at all. There are pictures hanging on the walls that would be better suited in a little Italian bistro. We think they should hire a talented graffiti artist to dazzle the walls with street art, which would give it a much more trendy vibe.

Price: The price is comparable to most other burger joints and is worth every single penny!

Music: We THINK the stereo system was playing a local radio station but we honestly can’t remember due to the cheesy haze we were in the entire time we were there.

Speed Of Food Arrival: The food took about 10-12 minutes to be ready, but honestly, we would’ve patiently waited three hours if that’s what it took!

Customer Service: We talked to the owner, who was so personable and friendly. He also seemed to know almost all of the customers who walked through the door, which we didn’t find surprising because once you visit Lakeview Burger, you will definitely be returning!

Worth Returning:  We have been back already since our first visit a few weeks ago and we are forcing ourselves to stay away for at least two weeks. Once bikini season is over, you can bet a million bucks that we’ll be visiting more frequently than we’d like to share with you all!

Rating:  8.5 out of 10

Location:  Lakeview Burger is at 1076 Cedar Street, Oshawa

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Maddie and Kiki Longo, best friends since 1988, have been food enthusiasts from the time they were tall enough to reach the kitchen countertop to begin mixing and experimenting with delectable ingredients of all kinds. The two sisters grew up in an Italian household, appreciating all kinds of cuisine and learning that the most important things in life are family and good food. Although the sisters no longer live under the same roof and are separated by a thirty minute car ride, they still spend 90% of their time together. They both work for the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work, they write and produce their hit television show Maddie & Kiki: The Foraging Sisters, they are proud to be ambassadors of Durham Region, by being involved in a number of community events. When the sisters aren’t foraging or cooking, you can catch Maddie ‘loving on’ her cat, Little Ricky, and Kiki working on her Farm in Kendal.

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