What We Ate: Miranda’s Chicken Roti

mirandas-rotiWe’d heard a lot of good things about Miranda’s Roti Shop (153 Simcoe Street South).  Online reviewers raved about the quality:   “The best roti in all the GTA!” wrote one satisfied customer.  “You will not find a better roti anywhere!” enthused another.  “The goat is very good but beware the heat,” cautioned another.

Not being afraid of a curry kick, we headed downtown to find the cheery yellow sign that topped Miranda’s modest store front.  We ordered a chicken roti (though we didn’t appreciate being passed over for service several times, then laughed at when we pointed it out to the counter staff), and the end result was a massive, efficiently wrapped roti which filled the entirety of its Styrofoam container.

You’d have to be seriously hungry to make it through this beast in one sitting, but the filling was perfect:  bite-sized chunks of  moist white chicken meat seasoned with a fragrant curry sauce, rounded out with tender pieces of potato.  Hot? The curry had a kick, but it was a pleasant heat that amplified the flavour of the dish, rather than overpower it. The roti was light but held the filling together without becoming soggy, even when we dipped into the leftovers the next day.

Cost:  Under $10

Have you been to Miranda’s Roti Shop?  Let us know what you thought in the comments! 

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