Etiquette Guide to Oshawa’s Trails


Every summer, Oshawa residents hit the 27 kilometres of bike and walking trails around the city. Before pumping up the bike tires, here’s a crash course in Oshawa Trail Etiquette with information from the City of Oshawa website:

  • No motorized vehicles.  That means you, scooters, Vespas and ATVs.  E-bikes are permitted.
  • Exploring is fun, but please stay on the paved trail.  If it’s mountain biking you’re after, check out the Durham Mountain Biking Association for trail and event information
  • Cyclists and e-bike riders should keep right on the path and use a bell or verbal indication when passing
  • Travel at a moderate speed and use caution around pedestrians
  • Keep to the right of the trail so others can pass
  • Pets should be leashed at all times

Now that you know the rules, where can you find a trail?  Here’s the rundown:

The Joseph Kolodzie Oshawa Creek Bike Path is a seven kilometre route that runs from Oshawa Creek Valley to Downtown Oshawa.

The Michael Starr Trail, a five kilometre trail that runs along the former CN rail line, provides quick access to Downtown Oshawa but has numerous road crossings.

The Harmony Creek Trail runs four kilometres through the valley along Harmony Creek, and is a favourite for nature enthusiasts.

The Waterfront Trail clocks in at eleven kilometres and runs alongside the shores of Lake Ontario.

Want to know how to access each trail?  For a downloadable map of Oshawa’s Trails, click here.

Do you walk or bike along Oshawa’s trails?  Which is your favourite?  Let us know in the comments!  

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